CLASSES & Day Camps

We are committed to creating an extraordinary environment for children, teenagers and adults to learn and to grow.  We offer a supportive environment by providing a forum for outdoor and farm related experiences where skill building and the integration of fostering agricultural and ecological diversity are at the forefront.  We run multidisciplinary, project based workshop and classes for children and adults alike, centered around increasing our communities understanding of healthy soils, healthy foods and healthy families.


Whole Hog Butchery! 

Sunday July 14th


$50-100 sliding scale


If you love pork and want to get hands on experience butchering a whole hog, this is the class for you. Students will learn some basic knife sharpening skills and enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch!

Bring a boning knife and an apron and come hungry!

We will be butchering a pastured Berkshire pig, lovingly raised by our friend Bryant Gehring at his small homestead in Corvallis, OR. If students are interested in purchasing some of the pork, it will be for sale for $6/lb.

If the price of the class is too high for you but you are eager to be at the class, please let us know, there are volunteer positions and scholarships available!

This class will be taught by Gracie Schatz who became fascinated with all things pork when she lived in Italy on a Tuscan pig farm and ate prosciutto for the first time. She worked as a butcher in San Francisco for 4 years, raised her own pigs in Nevada City, CA and currently works as a fish monger and butcher at Newman’s Fish Company in Eugene, OR

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Kids and Teens Farm to Table Cooking Class Series


Students in this Farm Food Program gain a better understanding of what food is through harvesting the ingredients themselves, then learning how to prepare them in our licensed farm kitchen.  From milking goats and gathering eggs to harvesting veggies, visiting the lambs and more….!

Through teaching our youth both where their food comes from and how they can grow and prepare it, we empower them to become more self-reliant in providing food and possibly income for themselves and their families.

We are striving to work closely with the South Lane School District, the Farm to School Initiative and are members of the South Valley Farmers Network and the Oregon Biodynamic Group, to provide a local farm education center as host site for field trips, kids’ cooking classes, and on-farm learning.  Educational programs at The Branch Road Farm School are interdisciplinary investigations into agriculture and the natural world.

Our goal is to help build a generation of young adults with the skills, abilities and confidence to create meaningful lives and make positive change

2018  ~ Dirt to Dish Day Camps!

Saturday, April 21st:  Earth Day Camp and Sunday Brunch!

10am-3pm ~ All Ages ~ $25

Youth are welcome to come join us Saturday, April 21st for a fun-filled Earth day on the Farm!  We’ll explore the wild side of the farm this Earth Day as we learn about forestry  and the wild botanicals, composting systems, soil fertility and see how all life circles symbiotically to achieve balance.

We will play with the baby animals, harvest from the woods for Sunday’s brunch and learn some cooking skills as we prepare our lunch together!
We’ll  be harvesting, baking and cooking fresh, farm foods for our lunch and also, in preparation for our Earth Day Brunch on Sunday, April 22nd!
Send the kids Saturday for farming, forestry, food and fun and bring the whole family Sunday for a delicious, seasonal taste of the Farm!
Saturday Camp: All ages ~ 10am – 3pm ~ $25 ~ Sign up on line to reserve a space!
Sunday Brunch: Sliding Scale $20 and up ~ 11am ~ Kids attending camp eat free ~

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Saturday, March 24th:  Farm Babies and Spring Brunch Weekend

10am-3pm ~ All Ages ~ $25

Youth are welcome to come join us Saturday, March 24th for a fun-filled day on the Farm! We’ll celebrate and work with the new life of Springtime….lambs, kids, chicks, pups, seeds and sprouts!
We’ll also be harvesting, baking and cooking fresh, farm foods for our lunch and in preparation for our Spring Equinox Brunch on Sunday, March 25th!
Send the kids Saturday for farming, food and fun and bring the whole family Sunday for a delicious, seasonal taste of the Farm!
Saturday Camp: All ages ~ 10am – 3pm ~ $25 ~ Sign up on line to reserve a space!
Sunday Brunch: Sliding Scale $20 and up ~ 11am ~ Kids attending camp eat free ~

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 B R A N C H  R O A D  F A R M  S P R I N G + S U M M E R  S E R I E S


Join us for a delicious lesson in local, seasonal & sustainable foods,  & farming!

We’ll explore the farm, work in the greenhouse, harvest veggies, gather eggs, milk the goats, play with the animals, learn farm food culinary skills and cook some fabulous foods to share together!                                              

This is a 4-week class series/2+ hrs. each class.

The classes are held in our on-farm commercial kitchen and all around this 73 acre farm!   PLUS: At the end of each series, we host a Kids & Family Farm Dinner!

April/May 2018:

~ Ages 13-18 – Tuesdays, April 10th – May 1st 4-7pm
+ Family Dinner Saturday, May 5th
~ Ages 9-12 – Fridays, April 13th – May 4th, 4-630pm
+ Family Dinner Sunday, May 6th
~ Ages 5-8 – Saturdays, April 14th – May  5th, 10-12pm
+ Family Dinner May 12th

            *Cost  is $125  for four classes  + class /diner

 *And many more series, dinners and farm happenings throughout the summer…!

          / 541-942-5424

* Scholarships available….If you can’t pay,  don’t stay away!

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Kids Farm and Food Winter Break Session!!

We’ll explore the farm, feeding animals, playing with the lambs, visiting the beaver ponds to learn wetland ecology, working in the greenhouse, harvesting veggies, learn some farm food culinary skills and cook a fabulous meal to share together!

December 19th ~ 23rd

Ages 6-10
Monday, Wednesday and Friday ~ 9am – 1pm

Ages 11-14
Tuesday and Thursday ~ 10am – 2pm


Soap Making Workshop


Come on out to the farm to learn the basics of soap making!

We’ll gather and make various Goat Milk, Honey and Herbal Soaps! 3 different kinds, 3 different ways!

You’ll learn how to be more self sufficient while getting creative with others!

You’ll take home the soap you’ve made, a handout of recipes and tips and the skills to start doing it on your own.

       October 21st ~ 12-4pm  ~  $35 per person

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 Cheese Making 101


 Learn to have your own creamery…at home! You’ll learn how simple and delicious it is to make fresh cheese in your very own kitchen without tons of special equipment.

We’ll cover all the basic tenants of milk processing, cheese making and other fermented dairy products….from the differences in various animals’ milk to all the basic techniques and even the nitty gritty of appropriate scale, regulations, and more….!

For this beginner’s class, we will make some fresh cheeses like chevre, feta and a farmhouse ricotta. You’ll see how simple this can truly be and how tasty!!

Included in this workshop will be :
.. tasting and discussing various styles of cheese
.. equipment and tools needed for cheese making
.. appropriate scale and regulations
.. types of milk and how they are different to work with
.. types of cultures, their characteristics, and how to use them
.. understanding pH and acid titration measurement
.. control of final acidity and moisture content of cheese
.. salt application and how it changes the cheese
.. wax vs natural rinds
.. aging conditions
.. how to set up and maintain a simple cave

If you’d like to stay for cheese tastings and some farmhouse grub after class, BYOB and stick around!

~ Stay tuned for Spring 2017 dates as well as Future classes on Sustainable Animal husbandry and Small -Scale Dairying…..!

Kids Baking Intensive


Come learn the science behind baking!

*Learn how to ferment whole grains and maintain sourdough starters
*Master the art of mixing, shaping and baking techniques 
*Amplify the taste and uniqueness of breads and pastries with different blends of whole grains
*Make your own baked goods using the finest organic ingredients