The Branch Road Farm Kitchen Collective

The Branch Road Farm Community Supported Kitchen is a state-licensed commercial kitchen intended for use as an open working space for the public, as a kitchen rental and a classroom.  Our mission is to provide a mutually supportive base for working together on creative and skill building endeavors while centering towards an agri-cultural economy in a sustainable and socially just way.  Rooted in the earth and branching on out!

Kitchen Usage and Rates:

  • There is 24 hr access to the kitchen, 7 days per week.
  • There is an initial consultation and orientation to get acquainted with the kitchen and to understand food safety rules and ODA laws.
  • Low Use:  $9 per hr, prep days, any use, excluding range/oven use over 3hrs
  • High Use: $10 per hr, for cook use, includes range and oven use over 3hrs
  • Safety Deposit: $150 (held for duration of client usage at facility, returned to client. Terms described in Safety Deposit Agreement).
  • Billable Hours begin when you enter the kitchen and end when facility is clean and ready for next use.
  • Logging Hours:  Based upon an honor system, so please do your part.  All hours need to be logged on the Kitch calendar with business abbreviation and hours from start to finish.  If logging was missed, please add the next time you come, or hours will be calculated from a last, similar day of use.

Deposit Policy:

This deposit will be held for the duration of the relationship with the BRF Kitch and returned when client ceases to work with the BRF. Examples of qualifying reasons for your safety deposit to be withheld may include, but are not limited to; building and equipment damage, inability to meet the cleaning procedures of the kitchen after warnings/conversations and repeated disregard of general policies and payments.


The hourly rate grants a limited amount of dry storage, cold or frozen storage and general kitch space use.

Rental Payments:

  • Due by the 5th of each month
  • The first month of use rental payment equates to 2/3rds of estimated monthly hrs.
  • At the end of each month, hours are totaled at present kitch rate and paid by the 5th of each month
  • There is a 10 day grace period on late payments after which a $15 late fee is added.

BRF Kitch Rules and Responsibilities:

  • There is 24hrs access to the kitchen
  • As this is a community commercial kitchen, there may be more than one client simultaneously using the space
  • Orientation will happen and assigned space granted at beginning of use
  • The kitchen’s schedule will be pre-arranged with BRF to accommodate all tenants, classes and the farm
  • Each tenant will sign a rental agreement every 6 months to renew lease and adjust any new policies or rate changes
  • Agreed upon work / rental schedule is adhered to, with adequate notice if need to adjust
  • Each individual / entity keeps their personal equipment/utensils in their designated shelving or space
  • Upon end of shift, the kitchen shall be left clean, sanitized and orderly -sweep, hose down and store away as needed
  • All BRF kitchen items left at the kitch, nothing taken home
  • Respect paid to others work schedule and space
  • Commitment to using sustainable and conservative practices in food sourcing, production, cleaning and processing.  Permission needs to be given for any cleaning/sanitizing product that is not an organic approved item.
  • Outside personal items not to be left in the kitchen
  • No smoking allowed in the kitchen
  • Tenants responsible for negligence, equipment or late rental payments